Jeneffco handle services in ESCO model ( Shared Saving Model). Company will invest the initial expenditure in study, machinery and implementation of Energy efficiency project in client place and cost recovery will be done through energy savings achieved. The client need not invest any money. Jeneffco on an average assures energy savings of 25%. Cost recovery will be done in 5-6 years through shared savings model.

Concept of ESCO

ESCO is a firm that provides solutions for achieving energy cost reductions, and whose overall compensation can be linked (in part or in full) to the performance of the implemented solutions. In that context, an ESCO can handle projects, mobilize financial resources (not necessary its own equity), offer turn-key services (either on its own or through collaborating with other market players) and assume performance risks.

Usually, the service offered by an ESCO integrates all energy services for all of the phases of the project through a single contract. Furthermore, the ESCO, grounding its benefits in energy savings, offers a guarantee of obtaining rational solutions consistent with the customer needs. Thus hiring an ESCO enables customers to renew their technology and improve competitiveness and productive assets.

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